Humans tend to become so lost in all the things created outside of themselves that they forget the potential of creating themselves. We forget that our very source of living is a result from a spark of freedom, consciousness given from a limitless source, freedom. We as humans have the ability to create our entire life. This is the fundamental difference between our animalistic connection. We were given this universal awareness to be leaders and continue to be part of the natural order of the Universe. To be aware of our own significance and insignificance we possess. Many say that we are insignificant in the spectrum of the entire Universe, and we are. But the essence of this theory is that we can become aware of this insignificance which brings us to the significance of our very own being. This is the beauty given to us. Who gave us this consciousness? Maybe God. Your higher self. Maybe no one…but all you do know is that you’re mind is able to imagine all those possibilities. Imagination that leads to creating yourself.  Fate doesn’t exist, it is written by the one realizing their own destiny. Destiny created by the one imagining their own freedom to create their own life…
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