Luck Is Not Real

You ever wondered how some people end up living certain lives and start to think to yourself, how did those people end up the way they are? To watch someone progress and start living their own dream life and makes you wonder, why can’t I get there? Many are quick to assume that these people end up becoming who they are because they are lucky and everything they ever wished for was given to them. Let me break the illusion for you, there is no such thing as luck. Luck only exists as coincidences to things that you want that are worked for, not given to you… Success is determined by the level of commitment and sacrifice you are willing to give. An obsession that tells the Universe that you really want something.The Universe is everyone and everything you see. The Universe plays a cosmic game called “Balance”. Within this idea, there are rules that are required to play the game of “Balance.”

1) Karma is real. Make sure to give to the Universe before you are able to take. An apple tree will only grow and give you plenty of more apples if you give it life by planting the seed and tending to it with delicate care. Eventually, more seeds will come out from these apples, allowing you to plant them wherever you want.

2)KNOW what you want. How can the Universe assist you to what you want if you don’t know what you want?

3) Let go of fear. There is no such thing as fear. Sometimes in life, YOU WILL FAIL. It’s ok, because that is part of the Universe’s plan. The Universe will test the ones who can handle failure because anyone who fails will create more meaning to the things they accomplish.


The Universe is so vast and mysterious, yet controlling everything you see by what you see in your mind.

If you wish to create anything you want in your life, start by realizing the Universe realizing you…



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