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New Website! New Music! New Videos! 2020 is around the corner.

Leo Sanchez

If you're reading this...WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE! lol. I felt it was time for a change. Same name of course but new layout. This layout makes it easier for YOU, my supporter. I went ahead and added a size chart in each product, so you're able to see how big each wrap is. It's the little details that count. :)

This year flew by quick. A lot of self evolution occurred in 2019. I started to expand my creative energy in other arts. Started getting more into music production. You'll get to hear some of my tunes in future videos. These videos will be mostly about my Gem Show excursions, crystal hauls and travels throughout the USA and the world!

2019 Denver Gem Show


Thanks for checking out my new website. I'll be posting here periodically so make sure to visit again every now and then. :) 


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