You are born into this world and begin to write your own story of existence. A story so extravagant and full of many chapters. Such a beautiful life. Just one life written…but, what if there was more than one existence? A reincarnation that happens. Every life just another one that is following the one before it?Strange memories of things already experienced. Almost as if the paper you’re writing your life on has faintly written words that were erased but are still legible to read. People that you barely make contact with, yet having this certainty that you have already met before. Nostalgic Deja vu when visiting places never seen before. If we are able to imagine the possibility of existing in many lives, why might it not be true? Maybe this time around, we are conscious enough to be able to realize the cycle that we are in… A cycle that is written once and has been written many times before…


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