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Organic DMT

Azurite "Ajna Key"

Azurite "Ajna Key"

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"Ajna Key"

[Cleansed with Sun and Earth energy.]
Crystal found in Tucson Gem Show 2023.
Wrapped in high grade copper.
3" Length wrap pendant. 
Includes 18" Black Chain Necklace.
Origin: Durango, Mexico.

  • Enhanced Intuition: Azurite is known to sharpen and enhance intuitive abilities.
  • Psychic Development: Supports the development of psychic and spiritual insight.
  • Mental Clarity: Azurite promotes mental clarity and aids in clear thinking.
  • Amplified Creativity: Stimulates creativity and enhances artistic expression.
  • Emotional Healing: Azurite is associated with emotional healing and releasing emotional blockages.
  • Communication: Helps improve communication skills and the ability to express oneself.
  • Throat Chakra Activation: Azurite is linked to activating and balancing the throat chakra, which aids in effective communication.
  • Connection with Inner Wisdom: Fosters a stronger connection with one's inner wisdom and higher self.
  • Transformation: Azurite supports personal transformation and spiritual growth.
  • Mental Expansion: Facilitates mental expansion and a deeper understanding of complex ideas and concepts.
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