Cobalt Calcite "DNA STRAND"

Organic DMT

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Cobalt Calcite "DNA STRAND"
Cobalt Calcite "DNA STRAND"
---Cobalt Calcite---

[Cleansed with Sun and Earth energy. Beach meditation was used to enhance specimen]
-Wrapped in pink and copper.
-2 1/2" Length stone wrap.
-Adjustable Black necklace included.
-Wrapped in copper.
-Powerful protector from negative energy.
-Enhances intuition.
-Boosts synchronicity(Coincidence's).
-Heart Chakra is influenced to help heal.
-Strong healer.
-Increases one’s mental capacities and inspires creativity.
-Enhances the immune system .
-Premier stone to use for love meditation.
-Highly protective.
-Excellent healer(Emotions).

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